Miss Myanmar 2017

The name of Miss Myanmar is Htway Zarchi Minn.She uses another name;Pyae Phoo Mon;in her art field.She is also called “Pinky” as her nickname.Pyae was born on 28th September1996.Now she is 21 years old.She grow up in Kyan Khin city of Ayeyarwaddy Division;Myanmar.As a young girl like Pyae;nothing is better than her lovely family.She owns a pleasant family in which her parents and her siblings love and care her very much.Pyae’s father is a merchant who trades natural medical products.As he is an excellent father;he ever teaches Pyae the nature of human.So she could understand the psycologies among the society.

Pyae’s mother is also a merchant.She owns a store for agricultural sales.For farmers and villagers at Kyan Khin;this store is the best place to get very useful products for agriculture.Pyae’s religious mother is not only an excellent mother but also a perfect wife.She ever teaches her daughters how to be an idol for all women.Under her careness;Pyae became a beautiful and bright girl.Pyae has two elder sisters who are both graduated.For Pyae;they are the best sisters on the world.They ever protect and stand with Pyae whenever difficulties come.They are kind;helpful;and so friendly for their sister;Pyae.

Pyae won’t ever feel the disatisfaction for being a lucky girl in such a happy family.Pyae is now studying the Electronic Engineering in West Yangon Technological University(WYTU).

She is an engineering student of 5th year of the above major.After next year;she’ll graduate with the Degree;Bachelor of Engineering.One of her dreams is to become a good Electrical engineer.She thinks that she may probably help her nation with the technologies.So now she is studying well in her respecive field.

To describe about her performances in art;actually she is not from the art ancestry.But since art is her hobby,she is really so keen to do art things.She is outstanding in traditional dancing,singing,acting,playing musical instruments and modeling etc.Since she was young;she interested in art.So she learned singing myanmar old songs;playing traditional musical instruments such as xylophone;harp etc. At the age of 12,Pyae started the competition in the contests which are officially allowed by the government.Then she won her very first prize with her talent;Myanmar Traditional Dance at a contest.When she was 18,she started to participate in local national beauty pageants and won a lot of title prizes.

She achieved the last one by competing in Miss Intercontinental Universe;hosted in Nepal.These are some of her milestones on her art way.Additionally,now Pyae is acting in movies,music videos and commercial Advertisments.Her current performances are professional beauty queen,model,presenter,actress and pageant coach;choreographer. Currently,

Pyae is not only the presenter of Asian Spotlight News Program which is broadcasted on every Thursday in week at MYANMA Radio And Television (MRTV) but also the show stopper for local and international fashion show. Pyae is always invited by her university every year.The reason is to train the juniors as the contestants in local queen competition of the university.She not only trains her juniors but also teaches them how to be a perfect one. Pyae is a kind-hearted girl since she is interested in doing merits.Yearly,She usually goes to orphanages and nursing homes to donate.Even without her supporters and philanthropic organization;Pyae’ll never bore to help the others because she believes that doing good things is the most peaceful gross in her life. She so admires the famous female celebrities like Angelina Jolie,Michelle Obama and Aung San Su Kyi; etc.Their fame is their power.And their manners and performances can influence the people.For instance,just like Angelina Jolie who successes both in art and society.So Pyae always thinks to be an idol like them.She wanted to help the world with her fame;with her power.And she ever wanted to wear the highest crown.This is not only for her but also for the world;she thinks.She is trying to complete her dream as far as she can.It won’t be completed about Pyae Phoo Mon without her hobbies.Pyae likes swimming;reading and watching television.Since she is a model,she needs to keep her body slim and beautiful.So she often swims for her health and beauty.She knows well that swimming is good for health since it can reduce stresses and improve physical and mental benefits.Pyae likes reading books.She believes that one can get knowledges by reading good books.She reads short stories,novels and biographies of the famous persons.Sometimes she can learn the important things to know in life by reading.So even she is not such a bookworm,she enjoys reading too.Her ambition is to become a famous female role model in Myanmar.If she had a chance,she wants to be a governmental officer; prime minister and president. But even if it is not happened;Pyae will always try to be a perfect woman idol for all Myanmar women.She decided to help poor and weak people as far as she can.She wants to stand with them and face for the equalities.So,Miss Myanmar Pyae Phoo Mon is the person who is ready to help the people with her fame;power and popularities.

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