Miss Japan 2017

Maki Ishizuka was born and raised by her loving parents in Tokyo as the youngest daughter.

During her childhood her mother provided her with many learning opportunities to take lessons on various subjects such as oil paint, Japanese calligraphy, piano, cello, swimming, and “go” (a traditional Japanese board game.) She was known for a child with a lot of enthusiasm, and took all the given lessons with full interest. Among them she made the most progress in “go”, achieving the rank of 6th –“Dan” or “6d”.
During this period, her parents frequently brought the children including her out to travel abroad to a total of 40 different countries. Inspired by this experience, Maki eventually went out to study abroad herself in London and completed a pre-masters course after she acquired her bachelor’s degree of architecture at a university in Japan.

In London, Maki participated actively in various volunteering activities including the Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most prestigious flower and landscape gardening show held in 2010. In this show, she won a silver medal as one of the volunteer members for the Japanese national team.


After she returned to Tokyo, Maki started her career as a model while working in a trading company. She succeeded to become a representative of Japan and made her appearances in several international beauty pageants as “Miss Japan” over the course of three years until 2016. In these events she was able to win the “Best Smile Award” along with the “Best Personality Award” which was voted by the contestants of the pageant impressed by her cheerful yet composed characteristic.


Later on, Maki worked on and made her dream come true, which was to become a flight attendant. She worked as a cabin crew for Korean Air until 2016. Now, she is on her next venture of life, being an instructor of “go”, which used to be one of her childhood hobbies.

Maki states, “I think success is about sharing happiness with the people around me. It’s important for me that I could use each of my talents to contribute and help the society to become a better place.

Initially, my motive for participating in the beauty pageants was to build my own self-confidence. But now, I learned that my beauty is made from my internal effort, and I’m confident that I could bring more influences to what I do now as “Miss Japan”. I have an ambition now, which is to become the Miss Japan “Go” instructor who can reach out to many people, especially the elder people to enjoy the game while keeping their brains young and active.”

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