Dark Brown

Miss Borneo 2017

Amy Nur Tinie Abdul Aziz was born in Perak, Malaysia on 9th June 1996.  Now she is 21 years old. Tinie has blood of Arabic blood inherited from his father’s side. She is the youngest among her 3 siblings.
Her father is a very dedicated policeman that serves the country with all of his heart.
He is a very loving and firm father at the same time. He always reminded his daughters to guard her dignity and honour as woman. Her mother is a business woman that has her own wedding boutique, salon & spa. This business has been conducted for 20 years until today. This business can be regarded as a family legacy. Tinie & her siblings have been helping their mother at the boutique since very young age.
When she was 3 years old, her parent got divorced. Both of her sisters were living with her father meanwhile she lives with her mother. Childhood has been quite rough for her. When the other children are taken by both of their parents when returning from school, she in the other hand only has her mother to do the role of the parents. There was this one time she was really down but she finally understands the situation & her mother’s hard work in raising her. Now both of her parents have been married to others and the relationship with each other is very close. She believes that patience and compromise are very important in a relationship.
Her mother is her backbone and the main reason why she became who she is now. At the age of 4, her mother has included Tinie into a fashion show as a child model. It is the beginning of Tinie journey in the modeling industry. She has no idea what she was doing at that time. However, after that moment she realize that being on stage is what she loves the most.
When she was in secondary school until high school, she used to represent the state in public speaking & debates contest. She believes from joining that kind of contest, it helps to build up her confidence level and her communications skills
At the age of 15 years old, she starts to join local pageant contest organize by Local Newspaper (HARIAN METRO) with her sisters. Luck was on her side and she became the champion while her eldest sister got 1st runner up.
At the age of 17, she joined a reality TV show called “Gadis M2” and managed to get Top 60 finalists. The objective of the contest is to find a woman that has all the qualities to be a TV personality. However, due to the young age, it is not possible to continue the competition.
Other than pageantry & reality show contest, she is also active in doing TVC, modelling & MC. However for her modelling is just for hobbies because she also wants to focus on her family business. She wants to advance her family business to a greater extent. She wants to be successful, well known business woman & a public figure. It is because she wants her family to live well & she wants her stories to be an inspiration to other people especially woman. She loves to share what pageantry had taught her & how pageantry has unite everyone especially woman all around the world as a unity.
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