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Miss Siberia

Diana Krasnova is proud to represent Siberia in Russia. Diana’s family history begins in Siberia. Diana’s mother, a brilliant chef, and father, a pipeline engineer, met each other in the town of Langepas on a drilling station owned by the oil company Lukoil. It was love from first sight on the barren and beautiful Russian taiga!

Diana was later born in another oil region of Russia, namely in her father’s homeland, the Republic of Tatarstan, on the western flank of Siberia. When Diana was six years old, her father passed away unexpectedly – a tragedy for both Diana and her mother. Diana’s mother was and is a very strong-willed woman. She brought Diana up by herself. She taught her to be kind, to help another people, to be brave and not only take care of her appearance but her soul, as well.

Diana currently lives in Kazan, the capital of her father’s homeland. She works in Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport as an assistant to the First Deputy Minister.

Diana is proud to play a role in the development of sports in Russia. International sporting events are increasingly being hosted in Russia: the 2013 Universiade in Kazan, the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, the 2015 FINA and 2018 FIFA Confederations Cup in Kazan, and the the coming Winter Universiade 2019 which will be held in Krasnoyarsk. Diana is happy to pay a professional role in the hosting and organization of such events.

Diana is an avid lover of Badminton and enjoys watching ice hockey. She is happy to have been born in a cold climate country, because she loves the winter and winter sports like ice skating and cross country skiing. Diana also likes to run and takes a part in running events. She competed in three distances this year – 3, 5 and 10 kilometers. Her goal is the half marathon distance (21.1km) and after that may be one day Diana will a full 42.2 km marathon.

Besides her work in Ministry Diana teaches young in a youth model studio. She likes working with kids so much as they are full of positive energy and act as a reminder to enjoy simple things. She is glad to share her experience and knowledge with children and even more so to see their success and development in beauty competitions.

Diana likes to crochet toys, art and make little handmade presents and crafts for her friends. She has two degrees, the first one in Tourism and the second in Management and Service. Her dream is to travel the whole world, in particular the top countries has always dreamt to visit the Singapore and USA. Diana has already visited the USA on a  “Work and Travel” program, 2 years ago, and now she come to Singapore – fulfilling yet another dream!

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