Miss Russia

Alena Rybakova was born in Volgograd, Russia. This city is recognized as a hero, since under the onslaught of German troops in 1942, defended his lands in the Second World War. Eternal glory and memory to great-grandfathers-heroes!
Alena 29 years old, born April 11, 1988 (Aries, dragon) from childhood was engaged in such sports as swimming, track and field athletics (Elena Isinbayeva is also from Volgograd) and a triathlon with high results. At the moment he is fond of fitness, yoga and skiing.
She graduated from the sports academy in 2010, receiving a managerial profession in the hotel and tourism business, currently receives a second education in the pedagogical university at the Faculty of General Psychology.
Alena’s parents are very kind, bright and religious people. Mom is engaged in a family home and cooks very well, that’s why they often have guests. The father of the builder and the house in which they live, built with his own hands!
Alena is very fond of traveling, has visited more than 20 countries, loves all animals, especially dogs and horses, at home every day waiting and bored 2 small charming dogs of the breed Yorkshire TerrierDiana believes all wishes come true, if one works hard and is brave enough to make a wish!

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