Miss Indonesia 2017

Rina Santi, born in tanjung pinang, Indonesia. She has a loving family comprising of her parents and sister.
From humble beginnings, her father worked as a mechanic and slowly saved up to run his own business, Never neglecting Rina and his family.
Her mother, worked as a makeup artist before marrying. Since then, she has been a dutiful housewife and has supported her husband business to her fullest capabilities.
Her sister is currently working as a finance clerk and has always showered Rina with love.
Rina has always dreamt of being a makeup artist since the age of 15. however, her father has always had a future at heart and requested that she finishes her studies.
Upon completing her studies in 2013, she started a new chapter in her life and worked in a casino on a cruiseship. Leaving home for the first time, she was afraid and lonely. Surprisingly, she enjoyed herself through the training period and met many new friends
Which made the job easier and more enjoyable. Being hardworking and determined, she was promoted to be a supervisor. Her work experince on the cruiseship exposed her to different cultures and that led her to learn  different languages on board. Being born into a Chinese speaking family, her English started to improve tremendously during this period due to the influence and teachings from her friends. Her English only started to improve tremendously during this period due to the influence and teachings from her friends.
After working for quite a few years in the cruise ship she decided to come to Singapore and find work , so she finally found a job is a sales marketing assistance and she had been for quite a few years also but she also didnt give up her hope of being a make up artist she try her very best to work harder and started to save alot of money to participate in any model or make up artist competition, she is currently studying in a private school name called Cosmoprof, and while studying she also didnt give up on finding any modelling competition and finally she found a modelling competition and her motive was just to enjoy the process of it and her dream was to help out a lot of people to apply make up on their face that is her biggest dream in her whole life.

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