Miss Zambia 2017

Born and raised in the capital of Zambia, Lusaka, Dorcas “Kela” Hasiciimbwe is last daughter of her parents with two older sisters and an older brother. As the last child she experienced an abundance of warmth of love from both her parents and siblings that has allowed her to excel and thrive.
Dorcas, fondly called Kela by her friends…has always been very adventurous, a risk taker, and a lover of nature and the outdoors. She joined the Girl’s Scott association as a child and in school excelled in sports, getting the top sports prize in her school as the Best Sports Girl. Her achievements were not limited to physical qualities but she also excelled academically and gained an award as the best Literature student. In addition she excelled in leadership, as a class monitor and eventually school prefect.
Her passion for fashion started at a young age, and was cultivated by her mother, a nurse who was also very gifted with her hands. Her mother, amongst other things, was constantly baking, knitting or sewing, a few skills which Dorcas adopted from her watching her at home. Seeing the creative process of designing and sewing clothes unfold before her inspired Dorcas to become a fashion designer.
Since the start of her journey into Fashion, Dorcas has continually excelled. At only 20 she entered the Annual Redds fashion awards and her designs were in among the top 10 designs from all over the entire country. This achievement boosted her confidence and encouraged her to pursue her dream to be a designer.
Getting involved in the fashion scene in Zambia opened up opportunities to model which she grabbed without hesitation. She later realised she enjoyed modelling and it has become a second love. Whilst at Evelyn Hone College in 2008, she took part in her college pageant and was the second runner up and become a certified peer educator. This responsibility gave Dorcas the influential position to speak to the youth in Zambia about the effects of HIV/AIDS. At 21 she took part in Miss Zambia competition and was among the top 5. As she established herself as a model Dorcas moved into runway modelling becoming one of the top 10 models for the annual Zambia Fashion Week for three consecutive years before moving to London and later Paris. In France, she became the Miss Zambia France representative.
In France, Dorcas gained a Fashion Design and Technology degree from the Olivier Gerval Fashion Design Institute Paris which she completed in 2015. Studying and Living in France also allowed Dorcas to satisfy her love for travel, a quality she inherited from her father who travelled extensively across Europe and the Americas. Dorcas enjoyed totally being immersed in a new culture. Her study of the French language and first-hand knowledge of life in France has inspired her students in a secondary school just outside Capital City, Lusaka, where she has taken on the role as French teacher.
Apart from being a French teacher, Dorcas is the CEO and Creative Director for a Fashion Brand called House of Adriel. She is also the current presenter…

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