Miss Singapore 2017

Roslin Misdar who is affectionately known as Lyn Misdar is a wholesale business owner, a business development/marketing executive for M&S Management & Contracts Services and a freelance model/talent. Lyn came from a humble middle-class family. A Capricorn born on 3rd January 1983, she is of a mix heritage. Growing up, she is blessed with wonderful family members who nurture her to be the person she is now. Her family have taught her to be kind, have empathy and to always share and give back to the community. Her family hustle their way up in life and this had taught her that perseverance will eventually lead to success. She is constantly surrounded by positive people who always remind her to work smart and there are boundless possibilities of what she can achieve if she works hard. They are the pillar to her strength and her support to when she fell. Most importantly, her family values taught her to be humble, forgiving and to never give up on her dreams.

Though Lyn had always wanted to become a business owner and a model, she knew the importance of education. To her, beauty and brains is a lethal combination so she works hard to achieve both. She did well academically and graduated with a Diploma in Business Studies while still pursuing a modelling career and marketing products online. Her ability to multi task lead her to become a successful wholesale business owner, a business development and marketing executive and a freelance model/talent at the same time. Lyn modelling/talent portfolio is impressive. She has appeared in television show such as Deal or No Deal Season 1, school education video programmed shoot for Ministry of Education, Courts, FHM, 8days, Ayu, Bridal Magazine, luxury watch company for brands like Versace and Patek Philippe and have struts the runway and shoots for Converse, Wella, Loreal, Singapore Modest Fashion Festival for Fizi Woo, Rico Rinaldi, Syomirizwa Gupta and many more. Besides modelling, she is also a voice over recording artist. In the international arena, Lyn has modelled for local brands in Beijing and Shanghai in China. She had also been to photoshoot in Indonesia for local brands like Isabella Bridal by Monie Ming and Turi Beach Resort. Lyn has also been actively participating in pageants. The pinnacle of her success in beauty pagents was when she  was crowned Miss Singapore Lumiere in 2017. She was also awarded Asia Pacific Queen of Substance in August 2017 for women who inspire. As an independent confident woman who loves to care, empower and giving back to people, Lyn has developed the love for volunteering work and giving back to society. She has done volunteering services, charity auctions and raised funds for China-earthquake victims, children society and building schools in Cambodia. She had also donated her hair to cancer patients and volunteer in Shanghai China for the blind and mute children home, hospice homes and old folks home. She had also raised money to buy eggs, mattresses, clothes, and fans for the less fortunate and poor families in Singapore and overseas. Lyn’s platform to her pageant is to be able to give back to the society and focus on the less fortunate families especially homeless women and children. She is currently in a co-planning stage with a friend to start a small dinner group for the less fortunate to enjoy free meals at her home. She believes that while we are fortunate to be able to afford our daily meals, there are many around the world who are starving or dying of starvation. She believes that no one becomes poor by giving and charity can begin with just a simple smile. She also feels that charity should always start from home. She wants to start this initiative and hopes it catches on. If everyone did their part, it can reduce the burden of the society who needs assistance locally and around the world. To Lyn, beauty is subjective. Being a beauty queen is not always physical and the gorgeous lifestyle. Beauty is how one feel and behave from the inside; our inner beauty. Being able to inspire the people around us by educating them with humility, love, and care is beautiful. One day, she hopes and dream to inspire and empower people around her to promote humanitarian assistance to the less fortunate. She also aspires to be a successful businesswoman who can give back and contribute to society.


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